Expert internal committee Setup by Govt for suggestions on artificial intelligence policy

Electronics and information technology department of Union Ministry has formed an expert internal committee which will give suggestions to the government on artificial intelligence (AI) policy. The main objective of government behind this new move is to reduce the cyber attacks by using AI.

Expert internal committee will advise the IT ministry on the most apt technologies for India. The main policy will be drawn up after the report is prepared and given by the committee. As per the sources, this move has been taken by the government after observing that top tech companies are also using AI at biggest level.

The government recently has drawn up a seven-point technique that would shape the structure for India’s vital arrangement to utilize AI.

The main strategy includes-

Creating procedures for interaction of human and machine; ensuring safety and security of AI systems; developing a competent workforce in line with AI and R&D requirements, understanding and addressing the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI, measurement and evaluation of AI technologies through standards and benchmarks.

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