Nitish Kumar Resigned as Bihar Chief Minister Post, Joins Hands With BJP

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Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar submitted his resignation to Governor of state Kesri nath Tripathi. Governor has accepted the resignation.

According to current political scenario, no party has majority in the assembly of 243 member Assembly in Bihar. That is why Nitish Kumar has to resign. His party JDU has 71 seats whereas Lalu Parshad Yadav headed RJD has 80 seats in their hands. BJP is acting as opposition party in the state and holding 53 seats.

This is a big blow for the so called Mahagathbandhan or Grand alliance in Bihar where JDU, RJD and Congress had joined hands to make government in the state. But recent allegations on Deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Parshad Yadav have changed the whole things.

Earlier in 2015 Mahagathbandhan or Grand alliance had won 178 seats out of 243 Assembly seats and became victorious. Nitish Kumar was chosen as Chief Minister of Bihar. Lalu Parshad Yadav’s sons Tejaswi Parshad Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav were selected as Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister respectively.

Nitish going to join BJP to make government in Bihar again

With the resignation, Nitish has separated his party from Mahagathbandhan and is going to join hands with BJP to make government in the state. At least 122 seats are required in Bihar to make government and BJP-JDU combination have total 129 seats which are seven more than the required figures.

As per the sources Nitish is going to take oath as a CM of Bihar at 10 A.M in the morning today. Both BJP and JDU will be having equal number of ministers (13-13) and Sushil Modi is going to become Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar.

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