India and Sri Lanka Navies completed Second phase of joint oceanographic survey

Indian and Sri Lankan Navies has successfully completed the second phase of their joint oceanographic survey conducted at the South Western Coast of Sri Lanka. The survey was started in October with the arrival of Indian Naval Ship Sutlej in Sri Lanka. The survey chart was handed over to Commander of the Sri Lankan Navy after the completion.

Aim of India-Sri Lanka joint oceanographic survey

The Joint oceanographic survey between Indian Navy and Srilankan Navy was aimed at increasing cooperation between the two countries in the hydrography field. It provided good chance for both the sides two understand each other’s working, to share their experiences and to build a better compatibility between the two.

The main aim of the survey was to update all navigational charts covering the southern Sri Lankan waters with the latest hydrographic data. It was done to depth contour of 200 m from coastline and was ranging from Colombo to Galle.

Significance of Survey

This survey will be great one for international shipping traffic passing along southern coast of Sri Lanka and will be a great boost for Economy. The level of navigational safety of all ships that visit to neighbouring country Sri lanka will also be enhanced with this survey.

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