Haryana Records 39% of Cancer Patients in India

Cancer has been rising in India as per the recent reports and Haryana of India is at top with 39% of cancer patients in India. Breast cancer is the main cause of death of women in the state and overall in India, breast cancer percentage is 10% according to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) report.

Reason behind the Rise of Cancer patients in India (Specially Breast cancer)

As per the doctors suggestions, lack of awareness, shyness and social stigma are some of the main reasons due to which breast cancer is spreading among Indian Women. Women not consulting the doctors on time is also one another major reason.

As per the latest reports, it is estimated that there will be around 17.3 lakh new cancer cases in India by the year 2020. Haryana alone will be having 6.5 lakh cancer patients if the cases will rise with this speed in Haryana.

One out of eight women in India is known to have breast cancer at some point of age. Lump formation in breasts is one of the major signs, it may be soft or hard. Immediate consultation of doctor is required in case of any sign because breast cancer can be completely cured if diagnosed at the right time.

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