FASTag Devices mandatory for all new 4-wheelers from December 1 – Road ministry

FASTag devices mandatory for all new 4-wheelers from December 1 - Road ministry

Road Ministry has made it mandatory to use FASTag devices on front windscreens for all new 4-wheelers sold from December 1. It will be the responsibility of Manufacturers and authorised dealers to make it sure that new vehicles are fitted with the FASTag.

Main Points to Keep in Mind:

If a four wheeler is sold as drive-away chassis without windscreen, then the owner of the vehicle has to fit the device on the vehicle before registering it. Existing vehicles owners can buy the FASTag devices from designated Banks or from tool booths.

Currently at least one lane each on both carriageways of the 370 toll plazas in the country has inter operable RFID tag-based ETC system in place.

The new system will really help in reducing the traffic blocking at the toll plazas. It will save time and will allow seamless travel on highways, cutting long queues at toll booths.

What is FASTag?

FASTag a rechargeable card uses passive radio frequency identification (RFID ) technology. It is an automatic toll fee deduction system. FASTag contains a unique code that helps to identify a vehicle. When a vehicle having FASTag passes through a toll booth, the ETC system reads the code of the vehicle and toll fee is automatically deducted.

FASTag must be linked to a prepaid account by the vehicle’s owner.

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