Zika virus affected person reported in Tamilnadu

Zika virus Vaccine

First case of Zika virus affected person reported in Tamilnadu. RT-PCR test conducted on a 27 year old person of a village from Krishngiri district was found positive.

This is the second case of Zika reported person in India and the first one was detected in May, 2017 in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

Zika Virus, Its Causes and How does it Act?

The virus is transmitted by the Ades mosquitoes. It is the same mosquito which also causes Chikngunia, dengue fever and yellow fever. However in some cases it is also reported to be spread through sexual transmission.

If a pregnant woman is affected by Zika virus then it can cause serious birth defects in the baby to be born such as underdeveloped head, damaged brain. In adults, it can causeGuillain-Barre Syndrome – a condition in which immune system attacks the nerves.

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