Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra tops in highest number of cyber crimes in India

Uttar Pradesh is top Indian state with highest Cyber Crimes in India as per the latest cyber crimes data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). UP is followed by Maharashtra. As per the reports, Uttar Pradesh has 2,639 cases in 2016. whereas 2,380 cases were recorded in Maharashtra during same year.

The big concern is about Assam state as per the report where these crime’s graph has gone high rapidly. Assam is at the fifth position in the list, as per latest data from the NCRB. Assam has recorded total 696 cyber crime cases in the year 2016. This is 44% more as compared to cyber Crimes in Assam in 2015. There were total 483 such cases recorded in the State in 2015.

Assam’s share of cases reported under cyber crimes during 2016 was 5.7 per cent of the total 12,317 such cases across India and 699 persons were arrested in Assam under various cyber crimes last year and out of which charge sheets were filed on 117 persons.

Here is the detailed report of CyberCrime cases of Assam:-

Out Of total 696 cases reported in Assam during 2016, these were further divided into various categories based on types of crimes:

  • 156 had illegal gain as the motive
  • 329 cases were having emotional motives like revenge
  • 3 were committed to outrage the modesty of women
  • 59 were related to extortion and blackmailing
  • 41 cases involved sexual exploitation
  • 35 were intended for causing disrepute
  • Five were committed with intention to incite hate crimes against some particular community
  • There was one prank related case also.
  • 10 had political motives,
  • 57 were falling under other reasons.

Top five Indian States with maximum cyber-crimes as per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data are:

  1. Uttar Pradesh(2,639)
  2. Maharashtra (2,380 cases)
  3. Karnataka (1,101 cases)
  4. Rajasthan (941 cases)
  5. Assam (696 cases)

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