List Of SAARC Countries With Short Trick Gk

Hello friends here we are presenting list of SAARC countries with short trick to remember. But first let us take a look at GK related to SAARC. Full form of SAARC is South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

What is SAARC?

It is an organization of eight South Asian countries. SAARC was formed in December 1985. Headquarter of SAARC in in Kathmandu, Nepal. The purpose of all SAARC Organization member is cultural, economic,technical, social development. The combine population of all member countries is approximately 1.5 billion.

Names of SAARC countries:

SAARC organization consists of eight countries from South Asian region. Afghanistan is the latest member to add to the organization. Below are the eight member countries of SAARC:

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Pakistan
  5. Bhutan
  6. Maldives
  7. Nepal
  8. Afghanistan

What were the main objectives behind forming SAARC?

There are five basic areas for which countries of SAARC agree to cooperate these are:

  1. Development of human resources
  2. Meteorology, science, technology and telecommunications
  3. Population and health related activities
  4. Rural and agricultural development
  5. Transport

Trick to remember SAARC countries

Here we are presenting a very easy trick to remember names of SAARC countries. This will help you keep this important information in mind for long. So have a look below:


List Of SAARC Countries With Short Trick Gk


Explanation of Trick: In this trick all the letters denotes the name of the SAARC member countries. More details are given below:

A = Afghanistan
P => Pakistnan

N => Nepal (Headquarter of SAARC)
I =>  India
M => Maldives
B => Bangladesh
B => Bhutan
S => Sri Lanka



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