Indian engineer Vikas Sathaye awarded sci-tech Oscar Award

Pune-born Vikas Sathaye has been awarded with the Scientific and Engineering Academy Award at the Oscars Scientific and Technical Awards 2018 held at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California on Saturday. The award has been given to Vikas and his team for ‘Shotover K1 Camera System which is a camera mount to get clear photography and videography.

There is a four members team of Vikas Sathaye who contributed in the development of camera system. These The other team members are: Sathaye, John Coyle, Brad Hurndell and Shane Buckham.

The main function of ‘Shotover K1 Camera System’ is to remove any vibrations from reaching the camera so therefor it ensures steady footage. The camera mount carrying a camera and a lens is attached under the helicopter. Camera mount makes it sure that the stills and videos taken comes with good quality without any vibration.

Indian engineer Vikas Sathaye awarded sci-tech Oscar Award

About Vikas Sathaye’s Camera mount

This camera mount comes with six-axis. It can capture shots brilliantly while looking down straight. It is basically used in arial filming. This new technology developed by Vikas Sathaye has positively impacted the evolution of motion pictures.

Scientific and Engineering Award:

Scientific and Engineering Award is given for the contribution and achievements that has good influence on advancement of the motion picture industry. The achievement can be of any time period and need not necessarily to be got in the year when award is given. The awards are given by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). It contains 24k gold plated award attached to a rectangular base.

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