Glow in the dark – New Species Of Shark Discovered By Scientists

glow in the dark new species of shark Discovered

Scientists have revealed a new class of shark that glow in the dark. The newly found species has long nose with weight slightly less than one kilogram. Its length is smaller than one feet.

Etmopterus lailae is the name given to it by the scientists. It belongs to lanternshark family and was found at 1000 feet below the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the northwestern Hawaiian islands.

Stephen M. Kajiura the professor at Florida Atlantic University said that there is not much information available about this uncommon variety as dissimilar to other sharks, it lives so deep under the sea.

Below are some other characteristics of this Unique Species:

  1. It lives so deep under the sea where there is almost no visibility that may be a reason why it has big sniffer to find food.
  2. Flank marking is one another unique characteristic it has which moves forward and backward on belly.
  3. Its Flanks at the bottom of its belly have glowing properties.

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