DIU smart city Becomes First to Run on 100% Renewable Energy in Daytime

DIU Smart City is now became first Indian city to run completely on renewable energy during day time. This has set a new benchmark for other cities to adopt clean and environment friendly electricity generation techniques. The initiative is helping city not only to reduce electricity expenses but it has now became more cleaner and greener.diu smart city

As per new plan DIU is now generating 1.3 MV of solar energy in an year to fulfil its needs. It was importing 73 percent of its electricity from Gujarat till 2017. But, now it has been reduced a lot. The city has established 9 MW solar park spread over 50 hectares rocky barren land. It has also installed solar panels on the roof tops on 79 Government buildings. All this generates total power of 1.3 MV annually for the city.

To involve people in it DIU is also encouraging its residents to adopt this Eco friendly energy generation technique. For this, it is providing a subsidy of Rs 10, 000-50,000 to people for installing 1-5KW roof top solar panels. Because the cost of generating power from solar energy is lesser as compared to conventional methods, thus it has also reduced power tariffs in residential areas of Diu city by 10% in last year and 15% this year.

Environment Friendly Also

DIU smart city has also been contributing to environment as it has been able to save about 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. This is the kind of initiative every state, city or people of country should take.

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