World’s First Autonomous Pods Unveiled in Dubai

First tests of worlds first autonomous pods was launched by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at the World Government Summit on Sunday. It was launched in cooperation with Next Future Transportation. The pods are designed for travelling small and medium distances.

The pods are easy to join and detach from each other within seconds based on destination of rider. Coupling and detaching is done using electromechanical technologies. A camera is also fitted in each pod.

worlds first autonomous pods in DubaiThese Worlds first autonomous pods can run at a speed up to 20 Km as per the report of RTA. Talking about length, it is 2.87 metres, width of each pod is 2.24 metres and height is 2.82 metres. It has capacity to carry 10 riders. The power to the pods is provided by battery which once fully charged can last for three hours and can be charged fully in 6 hours.

The autonomous pods are the part of Dubai’s strategy to make at least 25 percent journey in Dubai autonomous by year 2030. The success of this initiative will be a great breakthrough in Dubai’s transport system.

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