World largest air purifier Built by China

China has build world largest air purifier to tackle the problem of increasing air pollution issue in China. This is an experimental air purifier tower which has been installed by China in Xian in Shaanxi province and claimed to be largest air purifier of World. The height of tower is more than 100 meters (328 Feets).

About World largest air purifier

As per the reports, the tower has shown positive results and have a good effect on the chronic smog problem in country. Currently this Xian smog tower is in testing mode. The testing is done by researchers of the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Capabilities of Largest air purifier of World

The tower seems to be functioning perfect as per the reports released by the researchers. The tower has so far generated more than 10 million cubic metres (353 million cubic feet) of clean air. In the past few months the tower has been able to purify the air of over a distance of 10 square kilometres.

Cao Junji, the research head has said that for testing purpose of tower, more than twelve pollution monitoring stations are placed in different locations of Xian to understand and observe the effect of the world largest air purifier tower. He also added that the tower has been able to brought the air pollution level from sever to moderate mode. The more detailed and confirmed data will be released in March by the department.

How World largest air purifier Works?

The largest air purifier of world in China was launched in 2015. It is called Xian smog tower and is considered to be a low cost method to clean air by removing pollutants from air. If functions as under:

  • Tower sucks polluted air inside glasshouse of tower.
  • Air is then heated by using solar energy.
  • Hot air is then processed through multiple cleaning filters and released in atmosphere.

As per patent application filed by the makers in 2014, the height of the tower will be more and will be up to 500 meters (1,640 feet) with a diameter of 200 metres (656 feet). Once completed the impact of the largest purifier of world will be up-to 30 square kilometres. It will be able to clean the air of a small size city.

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