Taj Mahal second-best UNESCO world heritage site after Angkor Wat

Taj Mahal in Agra Uttar Pradesh of India is named as second-best UNESCO world heritage site after after Cambodia’s Angkor Wat as per the newly conducted new survey. India’s iconic ivory-white marble mausoleum was rated based on the number of visitors per year.

As per the survey Taj Mahal witnesses more than 8 million visitors per year. It is just behind the Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. The survey was conducted by TripAdvisor – an online travel services providing agency.

Apart from Taj mahal and Angkor Wat, Great Wall of China built by Xu Da of Northern Qi Dynasty in 1368 AD was another popular heritage site. The fourth place in the suvey list was occupied by Machu Pichu in Peru in South America.

Other famous UNESCO heritages that got listed in survey were Iguazu National Park in Brazil, Italy’s Sassi of Matera, Auschwitz Birkenau and historic Krakow in Poland, the old city of Jerusalem in Israel and the historic areas of Istanbul in Turkey.

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