Singapore Has world’s most powerful Passport, India ranks 75th

In latest Passport Index named Global Passport Power Rank 2017, India was ranked at 75th place while Singapore has worlds most powerful passport and got top place. This is for the first that the most powerful passport ranking has been toped by an Asian country.

The ranking was released by Arton Capital. Singapore is followed by Germany at second place and Sweden and South Korea at third place. It is Singapore’s inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy that has helped the country to gain the top position for the first time in the latest Passport Index.

India however got a place at 75th position but is still better than its earlier position of last year by three places with a visa-free score of 51. Afghanistan has been the last in the ranking by having a score of 22, Pakistan and Iraq with a score of 26 was a spotted at 93rd place followed by Syria at 92.

Bottom five countries with Visa Score are:

AFGHANISTAN (22 visa Score) – 93 Rank
PAKISTAN and Iraq (26 Visa Score) – 92 Rank
SYRIA (29 Visa Score) – 91 Rank
SOMALIA (34 Visa Score)- 90 Rank
BANGLADESH and YEMEN (35 Visa Score) – 89 Rank

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