Siddaramaiah unveils Karnataka flag Naada Dwaja

Flag of Karnataka Naada Dwaja was unveiled by Siddaramaiah government on Thursday (8-03-2018). Karnataka flag “Naada Dwaja” is tri coloured with state emblem ‘Ganda Bherunda’ at center. It was submitted to Chief minister Siddaramaiah by Kannada Development Authority (KDA) chairman S G Siddaramaiah at Vidhan Soudha in morning.

Karnataka Flag Colour, Design

Karnataka Flag

The colour and design of Karnataka flag was decided by Kannada Development Authority (KDA). Three colours used in flag of Karnataka are red at bottom, white in middle and yellow at top. It is designed like Indian flag with difference in colours used and emblem ‘Ganda Bherunda’. Ganda Bherunda is a two-headed mythical bird in the middle.

The state flag is accepted by Chief Minister saying that Indian constitution has no objection for state to have their own flag. Karnataka flag will now be sent to Union home ministry for its approval. If gets approval from center, Karnataka will be only second state of India to have its own flag. Jammu and Kashmir is the first state to have separate flag.

Karnataka earlier has its own unofficial flag which is being used in state since 1960s by Kannada organisations and also at government functions. Karnataka flag committee was formed by Siddaramaiah after huge demand from public of state to have own flag.

About Karnataka:

  • southwest Indian States
  • Official language used in Karnataka : Kannada
  • Capital: Bengaluru
  • Formation day: 1 November 1956 (According to Wikipedia)

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