Saudi Arabia Allows Women to start own business without male permission

Heading towards the goals of women empowerment, Saudi Arabia passed a new policy change under which Saudi women can start their own business without any requirement of permission from male guardian. The change in policy was announced on Thursday by the government of Saudi. As per new rules, Saudi women can now start their private business without any relative or husband’s consent.

Earlier as per Saudi Arabia’s guardianship system women were not allowed to launch their own business by their own, no travel or enrol in classes. If any women wanted to do this then they had to produce proof of permission from her male guardian. It may be from Husband, father and brother.

Women Empowerment Steps of Saudi Arabia

Saudi ArabiaThe new step taken is also the part of Saudi Arabia’s strategy to expand private sector of country and to include an expansion of female employment under a reform plan for a post-oil era. Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutors office also said to recruit women investigators for the first time.

Various positions have been opened for women at different departments like as 140 positions airports and border crossings. Also driving for women has been allowed by King Salman which will go into effect in June.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is leading the efforts to provide more freedom to women in the country. He is taking various initiatives to increase Saudi women’s role in the workforce in past months. Mohammed bin Salman is also the main architect of Saudi’s “Vision 2030” – A programme to increase women participation in workforce from 22 percent to one third.

About Saudi Arabia:
Capital: Riyadh
Currency Used in Saudi: Saudi riyal
King: Salman of Saudi Arabia

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