Rs 200 notes will be circulated through bank branches Initially

Reserve bank of India

To reduce the effect of demonetisation, RBI decided to launch Rs. 200 notes to meet the demands of currency. As per the sources the order to print the notes has been placed by the RBI and soon we will be having a new Rs.200 note in our hand.

But initially you will not be able to get these notes from ATMs. Like 10, 20 and 50 Rupees notes, Rs. 200 the notes will only be available at banks branches. The official said that the new currency notes will be available from ATMs also but after the re-calibration of all 2, 20,000 ATM machines to make them able to dispense Rs 200 notes. The re-calibration will take more than a month.

As per the sources, the process of printing will start after June. The decision was taken by the RBI after the consultation with the Finance ministry in March with an aim to improve the current situation of lower denomination notes in India.

The Rs 200 note is the fourth note announced by the government after the demonetization decision which was taken on 8th of November, 2016. The other notes which were issued are Rs 1, Rs 500 and Rs. 2000. It is believed that this new currency note will help a lot to perform day to day transactions. And soon people will be able to withdraw the new announced note from ATMs also.

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