Government of Punjab bans sale of Endosulfan and other 19 insecticides

After observing bad health effects, government of Punjab banes sale of Endosulfan along with other 19 insecticides from February, 2018. The ban was imposed by Punjab govt on the recommendations of Registration Committee, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) and Punjab State Farmers’ Commission (PSFC).

As per the ban order, CM ordered the concerned officials to apply the rules strictly. The detailed guidelines have also been issued by agriculture department on CM’s directives.

Mahatma Gandhi Sarbat Vikas Yojana by Amarinder Singh CM of Punjab Concerned departments are asked to review the licensed issued on these insecticides and ordered not to issue any new licenses in Punjab.

Along with Endosulfan, the list of insecticides which have been baned by Punjab Govt are mentioned below:

Phosphamidon, Tricholorofon, Benfuracarb, Dicofol, Methomyl, Thiophanate Methyl, Endosulfan, Bifenthrin, Carbosulfan, Chlorfenapyr, Dazomet, Diflubenzuron, Fenitrothion, Metaldehyde, Kasugamycin, Ethofenprox (Etofenprox), Phorate, Triazophos, Alachior and Monocrotophos.

All these insecticides are not only causing bad effects on human health but, are also very harmful for environmental sustainability and economic viability aspects.

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