Nungthaang Tampak of Manipur North East India’s first village with 100% computer literacy

Nungthaang Tampak village achievement

Nungthaang Tampak village of Manipur state has became North East India’s first village to emerge as 100% computer literate and is country’s second village. Chamravattom village of Kerala state was the first village to acquire the status of 100% computer literate village.

The village has total population of 200 people and out of 200 people 180 people participated in the computer literacy program. Village is located in about 65 kms south of Imphal and comes under Churachandur district.

A basic computer training course was organised for the village by an NGO named Mangaal Rural. This NGO works for rural development in India. The course is affiliated to All India Society for Electronic and Computer Technology (AISECT) and is a step forward to make Digital India.

The computer training program was started on 24 July. Two trainer were provided by Mangaal Rural with Four computer systems and one Wi-Fi server for internet connectivity. All this setup was provided for free of cost by Imphal based branch of Mangaal Rural.

Director of Mangaal Rural, N. Surjit donated one computer system, a Wi-Fi system and a power system functioning on solar energy to the village after the training program was completed.

People of village had to go to paddy fields and also had to perform other works. So, providing appropriate time so that all people could participate in the training program was a challenging task for the NGO. So to resolve this issue and to make it sure that all villagers participate classes were started from 5 in the morning and were continued till midnight. The room for the class was arranged by a church.

The villager were taugh below basic things like:

  1. Internet Surfing
  2. Text Composing and Saving them
  3. Photoshop Basics
  4. E-mail Sending
  5. Data Storing on Computer
  6. Taking Print Outs
  7. And many other basic Computer operations

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