Number of Districts in Indian States List

Number of Districts in Indian States

India state and district list : India is big country in terms of population as well as area. It has 29 states. Each state is further divided into districts. Today we are going to elaborate number of districts in Indian states. If you observe previous papers of examinations like UPSC, SSC, State PSCs, banking etc., questions based on states, its capitals, dances, language and others are very common to ask. Indian districts related questions are mostly asked when you appear for a particular state level exam. Although these seems to be easy ones but, sometimes it gets difficult to guess the answer.

Information regarding Districts in Indian States

This page is especially designed and written by keeping all those questions on Indian States with information relating to them. First we shall provide you a list of number of districts in Indian states and Union Territories. Then next in the end, information related to Indian state’s districts will be presented in systematic manner.

If you are new to this topic then you might also not be aware of some important aspects about districts of India. By the end of this page, all doubts will be cleared from your mind. Our aim here is to not only provide you list of Number of Districts in Indian States. You will get additional information also.

What is a district in India?

District is the administrative division of state. Apart from states of India, Union Territories is also made of districts. In some of the states districts are further divided into sub-divisions or tehsils or Talukas.

List of Number of Districts in Indian States

According to 2018 data, currently there are 712 districts in India. Below we have divided districts into two tables. First table contains districts of states and second one list Union Territories.

State Number of District
Andhra Pradesh 13
Arunachal Pradesh 22
Assam 33
Bihar 38
Chhattisgarh 28
Goa 2
Gujarat 33
Haryana 22
Himachal Pradesh 12
Jammu and Kashmir 22
Jharkhand 24
Karnataka 30
Kerala 14
Madhya Pradesh 51
Maharashtra 36
Manipur 9
Meghalaya 11
Mizoram 8
Nagaland 11
Odisha 30
Punjab 22
Rajasthan 33
Sikkim 4
Tamil Nadu 32
Telangana 31
Tripura 8
Uttarakhand 13
Uttar Pradesh 75
West Bengal 23
Total 689

Number of Districts List of Union Territories

Union Territory Number of Districts
Andaman & Nicobar Island 3
Chandigarh 1
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 1
Daman and Diu 2
Delhi 11
Lakshadweep 1
Puducherry 4
Total 23

List of Number of Districts in Indian States

Now have an overview on complete list if number of districts India Have:

Total Districts: 712 (Including states and UTs)

States districts : 689

Districts in Union Territories: 23

General Knowledge about Indian Districts:

Every district has specific high level officials who take care of different aspects. These high level officials are further categorized into three based on types of work or responsibilities:

1- Administration : The Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate (DM) or District Collector is in charge of administration as well as revenue collection. The post it normally filled with an IAS Officer.

2-To maintain law and order at a district level, a Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police (an  IPS Officer) is appointed by the government.

3- Forests, environment and wildlife is the third most important thing associated with a district. The responsibility of this department is given to Deputy Conservator of Forests (an IFS Officer).

Basic information and facts about Indian districts

Currently there are total 712  districts in India as of 2018 reports.

Uttar Pradesh state has maximum number of districts in India (75)

Mahe is smallest district of India in Puducherry. It has total area of 9 km2.

Kutch in Gujarat is the largest district of India with area 45,652 Sq km.

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