No ATM Refilling after 9 pm from February 2019

No ATM Refilling after 9 pm from February 2019

From next year, no ATM refilling with cash after 9 pm. The decision will take effect from February 2019 next year. The timings for stop filling ATMs are different for cities and rural areas. In cities refilling will be done till 9 PM while in rural areas last time to fill the ATM with cash will be 6 PM from February next year. The order has been issued by the Home Ministry. The deadline is even much shorter in Naxal hit areas where time allotted to fill ATM machine is till 4 PM in the evening.

Why ATM not Filled after 9 PM?

There had been increase in attacks on ATM vans going to fill the machines in the past. Therefore the government has issued such notice so that all fillings could be done during day times. Apart from that another order regarding cash vans is also issued.

New Rules of ATM filling and Cash Vans

According to new order, each cash-van must have:

  1. One Driver
  2. Two armed security guards
  3. Two ATM officers or custodians

Out of two armed guards, one will sit with driver. The second armed guard will be positioning at the back of the van. The new ruling says that the van can’t be left alone for things such as loading or unloading, toilet break, tea or lunch break. In such cases, one security guard must stay with the cash van.

The order regarding rules for appointing ATM officers have also been issued by Home Ministry. The ministry said that a person could not be appointed as ATM officer without doing proper investigation about him. According to order, the background check like police, Aadhaar and residence verification, previous employment history, credit history and fidelity insurance must be done properly. For security purpose, ex-servicemen must be given preference as per the rules by Home Ministry.

A small CCTV system must also be installed on the cash van. It must have at least five days recording back up. Three cameras should be installed as under:

  • One at front
  • Second at rear
  • Third inside the Van

Other facilities that are compulsory with the van includes, fire extinguishers, a GPS tracking device ans emergency lights to ensure speedy reaction in the event of an attack.

For private agencies, the direction given are that they should perform all activities like cash handling, counting, sorting, and bundling at secure premises.

So if you were the one who used to withdraw cash from ATM machines after 9 PM, then think before you go for this. Now chances are high that you may return home without finding cash in the ATM Machine. So far this is a good step taken for security point of view. What do you think about this decision. Write in comment box below.

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