New Tourism Policy of Assam 2017 Launched by State

Assam government has rolled out its ambitious Tourism policy of Assam 2017 by declaring the sector an industry with an aim to increase tourist inflow by at least two to three times within next five years.

The ‘Tourism Policy of Assam 2017’ will be effective from January 2018 to December 2022 under which special emphasis will be given to preparing the state a favourable destination for film making. Plan to offer various incentives to producers is also included in Tourism Policy of Assam 2017.

Some Conditions have also been set for availing benefits by the producers which are:

At least 25% of the shooting should be done in Assam.
At least 25% cast and crew should be from the state.
There is also a plan to offer 10% rebate if more than half of the shooting (>50%) is done in the Assam.

A part from that capital investment subsidy at the rate of 30 percent of the capital investment, subject to a ceiling of Rs 1 crore will be provided by Assam government to the investor for constructing tourist points such as lodges, hotels, resorts, houseboats and floating restaurants in the state.

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