Nepal bans solo climbers from Mount Everest under new rules

Nepal bans solo climbers from scaling its mountains including world highest peak Mount Everest. The decision has been taken for safety reason and to put a break on accidents happening while climbing the mountains in Nepal.

New Rules of Solo Climbing by Nepal

As per the new rules for safety, double amputee and blind climbers will not be allowed to climb world’s highest peak without obtaining a valid license. Also it will be compulsory for foreign climbers to have a guide while doing mountain climbing.

As per the reports, record number of climbers have tried to climb on Mount Everest this year, but the number of causalities have also been high. So far six persons have been died while doing so which includes 85-year-old Min Bahadur Sherchan. Min Bahadur Sherchan was trying to make a record to be the oldest person to reach the top.

Along with that Ueli Steck, a world famous Swiss climber also known as “Swiss Machine“, died in an attempt of solo climbing a peak neighbouring Everest.

Till now more than 200 people have died since 1920 in attempts to reach at the top of Everest and most of deaths have been happened after 1980s. As per the Himalayan Database provided to BBC in 2015, avalanches and falls have been the two most reasons behind the deaths. Avalanches caused 29% deaths whereas 23% deaths have happened due to falling.

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