MahaLabharthi Web portal containing information of government schemes Launched by Maharashtra

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on 10 October,2017 launched MahaLabharthi web portal to help people to be aware of latest schemes of Maharashtra government. Below are the major take away points of the Web portal MahaLabharthi:-

  • is the name of the new web portal.
  • The web portal will contain information about the new and all government schemes.
  • Through MahaLabharthi, people will be able to check whether they are eligible for a particular scheme or not.
  • It will be connected with other websites to allow people to apply for welfare schemes through different websites.

Working of Web Portal: The web portal will collect information from people such as their name, educational and professional information for registering them on the website. Then the system will show the welfare schemes details to users for which he or she can apply. Various options of schemes will be shown to the users and then the person has to fill the eligibility criteria details to find if he or she is eligible for a particular scheme.

After a person has found that he/she is eligible for a particular scheme then the system will display the information regarding where to apply, whom to meet for the schemes and benefits of the scheme.

Currently the web portal will contain information of 229 welfare schemes. This initiative is a great effort to make people aware of latest government schemes. Right now most of the times schemes doesn’t reach to people due to lack of awareness.

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