Madras High Court bans use of living persons Pictures on banners, hoardings in Tamil Nadu

In a major decision related to Tamil Nadu, Madras High Court banned the use of images of alive persons on banners, hoardings in Tamil Nadu. The decision came into existence after a Chennai resident named B Thirulochana Kumari has filed a plea in the Madras High Court to regarding removing a party board, banner and a flag erected in front of her home by a Mathi.

Big size posters and hoardings have become a trend in the state. The court strictly directed the top officials of Tamil Nadu to keep the environment clean and also to make sure that there are no unnecessary drawings on buildings and residential places in all wards of the southern state.

Madras High Court judge justice S Vaidyanathan in his judgement also directed that if the hoardings or banners, flex boards, sign-boards, etc are used with permission then it is the duty of concerned authority to make it sure that photos/pictures of alive persons, shall not be used on such displays.

The decision straightway states that now the pictures of ministers, Politicians can’t be used in big size posters or banners which these people use to show their strength and support.

However the decision may also effect the advertisement industry as the industry may not be able to use pictures of celebrities and other famous personalities for promotions.

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