Karnataka Tops States with Investment Intentions of Rs. 1.49 lakh crore

Karnataka is top state of India having investment intentions of up to Rs. 1.49 lakh crore till the October month of 2017. The deceleration was made by Minister for Large, Medium Industries and Infrastructure Development of Karnataka R V Deshpande. This investment intention of Rs. 1.49 crore was about 42% of the total of all India’s total investment intentions.

The state has also toped for FDI inflows as well as also performed wonderfully in the exports with approximate contribution of 40 per cent in electronics and software services.

The minister also stated that the Karnataka has contribution is about 19 per cent jointly in goods and services which is second highest in the India in both sectors.

Talking about going down GDP of the state, Deshpande said that more attention should be given to boost rural areas economy by paying proper attention on agriculture sector. He said that once the agriculture sector is taken high, it will benefit farmers, agri-food processing industries, and exporters and the GDP will also be improved.

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