Indian Railway will install EoTT devices in Goods Trains

Indian railways

You might have seen a guard standing standing at the end of coaches of a goods train while a goods train passes in front of you while standing near railway crossing. But now this will be a thing of past as the Indian railways now is going to install a new system to make it sure that all the coaches remains intact while the train is in motion.

The device is named as the end of train telemetry (EoTT). This device will be fitted at the last coach of the train. It will establish a connection between the driver of locomotive and the last wagon of the train.

Initially railway is going to buy 1000 such devices. A total of 100 crore has been sectioned under this project for railways.

How the system will work?

In this new system a transmitter will be fitted on the locomotive and a receiver will be fitted at the end of the vehicle. Both transmitter and receiver will periodically share the signals ensuring that train is running intact.

If the communication breaks down, Signal will be sent to driver that some of the train’s part has been separated and the train needs to be stopped to reconnect the parted wagon.

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