India ranks 109th globally in mobile download speeds, Norway Tops

India ranks 109th globally in mobile download speeds, Norway TopsIndia ranks 109th globally in mobile download speeds with average download speed of 9.01 mbps. Norway is the country with higher mobile download speed. The speed of download by Norway was observed 62.07 mbps which is highest in the world. The report was released based on Ookla’s Speedtest index. As per the report the there is slight increase in data download speed in India from earlier 8.80 mbps in November 2017 to 9.01 mbps in February 2018.

However Broadband speed of internet in India is much better when checked for fixed broadband. As per Ookla report, broadband speed has improved from 18.82 mbps in November 2017 to 20.72 mbps in February. The rank of India as broadband user has also imporved to 67 from previous 76 for same time period.

India is the largest consumer of mobile data in the world. As per report of NITI Ayog for December, India’s consumers have consumed 150 crore gigabytes of data which is highest to be used by any country in world. Even US and China are far behind than India. Singapore is at the top in fixed broadband front with 161.53 mbps download speed.

Ookla Speed Test

Ookla Speed test compares data speed around the world on monthly basis. It compares speed by taking into considerations speed tests done by real people on their servers. As per company’s statement, it has 439 Speedtest servers in India.

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