India Ranked 62nd on WEF Inclusive Development Index

India has continued to be ranked at lower positions in the latest WEF Inclusive Development Index at 62nd place out of 74. The position of India is very lower as compared to its neighbouring countries Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The WEF index is prepared by focusing on the living standards of people and future-proofing of economies. Out of neighbouring countries of India, Pakistan is much ahead of India with 47th position while Srilanka is also at 40th place. Nepal is best positioned at 22nd place. Uganda at 59th and Mali at 60th position in latest WEF Inclusive Development Index

Although India has shown an improvement of 2.29 per cent in the overall five-year trend of the IDI for India. But it is still at 62nd position which is very low.

Stats of India
As per the study, India performed well on Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability. The labour productivity and GDP per capita has obtained very nice growth rates in the last five years, but the less growth is in employment. Healthy life has been gone up by approximately three years to 59.6 as per the study.

Top Countries in WEF’s Inclusive Development Index

  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Luxemburg
  • Lithuania,
  • Hungary,
  • Azerbaijan

Possible Question:

Question: India was ranked at which place In recent WEF Inclusive Development Index?

Answer: 62nd Position

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