India With 2.5 Million Pollution-linked Deaths tops list : Study

As per the new study by reputed medical journal The Lancet, India is at top in terms of pollution-linked deaths for the year 2015 with total 2.5 million premature deaths because of diseases caused by polluted air, water and other forms of pollution. India accounts for 28% of the total estimated 9 million pollution-linked deaths worldwide in 2015 as per the study.

India is also at top for deaths related to polluted air (1.81 million) and water (0.64 million),0.17 million to industrial exposure and 95,000 were related to pollution caused by Lead. As per the study most of the pollution-linked deaths(92%) were happened in low and middle income countries such as India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Madagascar and Kenya. The industrialization at the large scale is one major reason behind this.

After India, China comes at second place with figure of 1.58 million pollution-linked deaths in 2015. For water pollution related deaths, it were Nigeria (0.16 million) and Pakistan (74,000) placed at second and third place respectively after India.

Heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were some main diseases caused to people due to pollution.

Global Scenario of pollution-linked Deaths

As per The Lancet report, air pollution was major one with biggest contribution of 6.5 million deaths in 2015 followed by water pollution (1.8 million) and workplace-related pollution (0.8 million).

Top five countries with Most pollution-linked deaths:
China (1.58 million)
Pakistan (0.22 million),
Bangladesh (0.21 million)
Russia (0.14 million)

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