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Haryana GK Questions asked in Government Exams

Welcome to Haryana gk general knowledge questions and answers most likely asked in competitive exams. The questions available below will enhance your knowledge about Haryana. These are important ones from government examination view point . Whether you want information to know about Haryana or looking to crack any government exam of state, this information is going to help you a lot. This is a complete package of general knowledge of Haryana. The topics covered in this section are also from History of Haryana, its political status and current affairs of Haryana state. So this is the complete knowledge package for anyone looking to improve his or her GK of Haryana.

Haryana GK for Haryana State Government Exams

This page is very well compiled information on Haryana gk questions asked in government exams. We have covered everything starting from Haryana state history till current. The data collected here is not only valuable for government job seekers but is also helpful for students and people who are just curious to know about the state.

Haryana GK - General Knowledge of Haryana State

There are many state level exams conducted by Haryana government though which it recruit suitable candidates for various state level jobs. Some of main exams include HSSC Clerk, Haryana Patwari, HRTC, Punjab & Haryana High Court Exam & all other Haryana govt exams.  Because the hiring for is done for Haryana, thus more possibilities are that Haryana GK questions will also be asked. Once you got through this, you will find it easy to answer almost all questions.

All questions and answers are basically in one question one answer format. You will be easily covering topics mentioned below after you have gone through the article completely with utmost care.

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 How we prepared it?

Before starting, we have analyzed all previous year exams conducted by state government. All important topics of Haryana General knowledge are covered using the questions. All these questions are repeatedly asked in exams conducted by various departments that work under the state government.

General Information about Haryana

First let us start with basic information. Haryana is state of India located Northern part of country. It surrounds Delhi from three sides. Other states with which it shares boundaries are Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab It was constructed on November 1, 1966. Earlier it was part of Punjab. It shares Chandigarh as joint capital with Punjab. Let us now discuss important general knowledge of Haryana in terms of questions. Here we shall discuss all major points serial wise such as area, population, sex ratio, political scenario and others.

Basics Haryana General Knowledge: Established, Area, Population, districts and more.

Q.1:- When did Haryana state came into existence or was formed?

Ans:- 1 November, 1966

Q2. What is total area of Haryana?

Ans: 17,070 sq miles or 44,212 km2 (21st biggest states of India in terms of area)

Q3. What is Haryana’s total population?

Ans:- 2.5 crore (16th most populous state of India)

Q4:- Population density of Haryana?

Ans:- 1,485.212/sq miles or 573.443/km2.

Q5:- How many districts in Haryana?

Ans: 22.


Q6: What is total forest area of Haryana?

Ans:  Haryana has 6.49% of its total area covered by forests.

Q7:- Name of largest city of Haryana in terms of population?

Ans:  Faridabad

Q8:-Which is Largest City area wise?

Ans:- Bhiwani (Area- 5,140 sq km)

Q9:- Most populous city of Haryana?

Ans: Faridabad.

Q10:- What is the name of capital of Haryana?

Ans:- Chandidarh

Q11:- Official Language

Ans:- Hindi / Punjabi

Q12:- Local language spoken in Haryana?

Ans:- Haryanvi ( Dialect )

Q13: Number of districts in Haryana at the formation time?

Ans: There were only Seven districts when Haryana state was formed.

Q.14: Number of divisions in Haryana?

Ans:- Six Divisions:- Gurgaon, Ambala, Rohtak, Karnal, Hisar, Faridabad

Q15:- How many districts are in Gurugram division?

Ans:- Three- Gurugram, Rewari, Mahendargarh

Q16:- Ambala division has how many districts?

Ans: Ambala, Yamunanagar, Panchkula and Kurukashetra.

Q17:- How many districts are in Rohtak division?

Ans: Rohtak, Jhajjar, Sonipat, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri.

Q18:- Number of Districts under Hisar division?

Ans:- Hisar, Fatehabad, Sirsa and Jind.


Q19:- Famous lakes of Haryana?

Ans:- Haryana has total six lakes: Bibipur, Najaphgarh, Badkhal, Karan, Jahajgarh, Sultanpur

Q20:- Number of villages in Haryana?

Ans: 6,841

Q21:- Number of Tehsils, Sub-Tehsils, Blocks, cities and towns does Haryana state have?

Ans: 1. Tehsils – 83

2.  47 Sub-tehsils

3. Blocks – 126

4. Cities – 154

Literacy Rate in Haryana

Q22:- What is Literacy Rate of Haryana?

Ans:- Literacy rate of Haryana stands at 67.91 percent as per latest reports. Out of which male literacy rate is 78.49 percent and female literacy rate is at 55.73 percent. IT city of Haryana Gurgugram is at top in highest literacy rate with 86.30 percent while Panchkula with 81.9 per cent literacy rate stands at second place

Sex ratio in Haryana

As per latest census, sex ratio in Haryana is 879/1000.

Haryana Political GK- General Knowledge

Q23:- Who is governor of Haryana?

Ans: Kaptan Singh Solanki

Q24:- Assembly seats in Haryana?

Ans: 90

Q25:- How many Lok Sabha seats comes from Haryana?

Ans: 10

Q26:- How many Rajya Sabha seats are from Haryana?

Ans:-5 seats

Q27:- Current Chief minister of Haryana?

Ans:- Sh Manohar Lal Khattar

Q28:- Who was first Chief minister of Haryana?

Ans:- Bhagwat Dayal Sharma (1 Nov, 1966 – 23 March, 1967)

Q29:- Longest serving CM of Haryana?

Ans:- Bansi Lal (2749 days)

Q30:- Who was first governor of Haryana?

Ans:- Dharma Vira

State recognized bird, animal, tree and others

Q31:- Which is the State animal of Haryana?

Ans: Blackbuck

Q32: State bird of Haryana?

Ans: Black francolin

Q33:- State tree of Haryana?

Ans: Peepal Tree.

Q34:- Name of State flower of Haryana?

Ans:- Lotus

Q35:- Which district of Haryana is known as Sripad Janapad ?

Ans: Kurukshetra

Q36: Which district of Haryana is Known as Bowl of Rice?

Ans:- Karnal

Q37:- Architect of Bhakhra Dam?

Ans:- Its Chaudhary Chhotu Ram.

Q38:- Who is known as Haryana Kesari ?

Ans: Nekiram Sharma

Q39:- Name of Girl from Haryana who won Miss World 2017 ?

Ans: Manushi Chhillar became Miss world 2017. She belongs to Bamnoli village of Jhajjar District.

Q40:- Ashoka’s Topra Stambha was found in which district?

Ans: Ambala

Q41:- Script written on Ashok Stambha?

Ans:- Brahmi

Q42: Kurukshetra was christened after whose name?

Ans:- King Kuru

These are 42 most important questions on Haryana general knowledge. These questions have very high chances of being asked in competitive exams like exams. Moreover, you can also cover Haryana current affairs here in our states current affairs section.

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