Govt sets up T.C.A. Anant panel to bring transparency in jobs data

TCA Anant Pannel for jobs transparency

Indian government has taken a good step in jobs data collection and presentation of jobs. Union government has came up with a T.C.A. Anant panel which will work in making jobs sector more transparent.

Here are some main points related to the committee.

The job data collection and calculation committee will be headed by former chief statistician of India T.C.A. Anant.

This is one of the important measure taken by government which will make data related to jobs more transparent to public.

Labour Bureau is responsible for conducting two surveys related to employment that are
1) Annual Employment-Unemployment Survey (EUS)
2) Quarterly Employment Survey (QES)

The Labour Bureau till now has conducted five such Employment-Unemployment surveys whose reports have been released by the department.

The sixth annual Employment-Unemployment Survey (2016-17) work is under process till now. Its data entry validation work is going on. It will be released very soon once completed. As per estimates sixth annual Employment-Unemployment Survey (2016-17) will be released in September month this year.

On the other hand Quarterly Employment Survey (new series) is an enterprise based survey. The motive of this survey is to measure relative change in employment situation over successive quarters for the establishments having 10 or more workers. There have been some limitation that are associated with Quarterly Employment Survey. One is that it only takes into account those establishments where more than 10 workers work.

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