Global hunger index report: India Ranks 100 among 119 Developing Countries “Serious Hunger Problem”

Despite of being Worlds second largest food producer, India ranks under Severe Hunger Levels in latest Global hunger index report. India was ranked at 100th position among 119 developing countries. According to the global hunger index report, India is lagging behind from countries like North Korea and Iraq.

The global hunger report was released by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) which is a Washington based institute. Below are the main points:

India has scored 31.4 in global hunger index (GHI). As per the report, India comprises of three quarters of South Asia’s total population which means that India has huge impact on South Asia’s regional score. It is India’s poor score because of which South Asia was placed in the category of worst performing regions in the report.

Global Hunger Index Report 2017More than one fifth children with less than five years age in India are suffering from malnutrition. They are having very less weight as compared to their height.

As per the Global hunger index report, India’s position at 100th place is very much lower as compared to neighbouring countries like Nepal(72), Myanmar(77), Bangladesh(88), China(29), Srilanka(84). India is only better than neighbour Pakistan(106).

Global Hunger Index (GHI)

Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a tool used to measure states of countries of all over the world based on hunger situation of a particular country. The index is updated every year and uses four indicators:

  1. Proportion of undernourished in the population
  2. Prevalence of child mortality
  3. Child stunting
  4. Child wasting

GHI score less than 10 means low prevalence of hunger whereas if GHI score is more than 50 the situation is referred as “extremely alarming”. As per the annual Global Hunger Index (GHI) reports since 2000, world has significantly reduced the hunger by 27% globally but still one out of 9 persons in the world is suffering from hunger.

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