Foot Patrolling by Punjab Police Launched in All Districts

In order to ensure better security, Punjab police has launched foot patrolling in all districts of Punjab. Foot patrolling by Punjab Police is an initiative under which police personnel will keep close eyes on the anti-social activities happening in areas assigned to them by walking. It will be covering all districts of the state.

Main Points of Foot patrolling by Punjab Police:

The initiative will increase the presence of police in the areas where there are more possibilities of crimes to happen. It will ensure the safety for all citizens specially women,children and senior citizens.

A maximum age limit of 45 years has been set for the officers to be selected for Foot patrolling by Punjab Police.

Foot patrolling will be done by for eight hours shifts by the designated officers in their respective areas. The police personnel will be having jungle boots, specially designed arm-band and will carry weapons, baton, handcuffs and wireless sets.

Police department will evaluate the initiative regularly to track the progress.

It will also help in building a good relationship between public and police. Generally people feel afraid rather than being feeling secure when they come in contact with any police personnel, This step will surely help in building a bridge for people-friendly policing.

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