FIFA Suspended Pakistan Football Federation

In a major decision FIFA suspended Pakistan Football Federation with immediate effect as per the verdict of the Bureau of the FIFA Council on 10 October, 2017 due to interference of third party in PFF.

As per the verdict of the Bureau of the FIFA Council, PFF was unable to stop third party interference in the PFF as the Pakistan Football Federation was under the control of court appointed administrator. This is a clear Violation of FIFA rule which states that PFF have to manage all its disputes and affairs without any interference from third party.

The suspension will be lifted once PFF gets back access to all its offices and accounts as per the FIFA announcement.


As per the impact of the PFF suspension decision, Pakistan will not be able to take part in any of the international tournaments organized by FIFA. It will lose all its membership rights as per FIFA rules. All sporting contracts with PFF will also be made inactive till the lift of suspension.

No development agenda implemented by FIFA, Asian Football Confederation will be applicable on Pakistan Football Federation or any of its member during the suspension.

About FIFA:

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is a private association.
Headquarters‎: ‎Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: ‎21 May 1904; 113 years ago

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