China Shown its First Unmanned Attack Helicopter

first unmanned Helicopter

On 15 september, 2017, China shown its first unmanned Helicopter at the northeastern Tianjin city, China. The unmanned helicopter is named as AV500W and is open for buyers from foreign countries.

The motive of the Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) behind displaying the helicopter was to expand the market of the company abroad.

Specifications of the China’s First Unmanned Attack Helicopter:

  1. The length of the aircraft is 7.2 meters.
  2. Maximum take off weight of helicopter is 450Kg.
  3. The aircraft is capable of carrying 120 Kg of equipment and weapons.
  4. It can fly with maximum 170 Km/hour speed.
  5. Flight celling is 4,000 meters and it can stay for eight hours in the air in observation mode and 4 hours in combat mode.

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