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Karnataka Tops States with Investment Intentions of Rs. 1.49 lakh crore

Karnataka is top state of India having investment intentions of up to Rs. 1.49 lakh crore till the October month of 2017. The deceleration was made by Minister for Large, Medium Industries and Infrastructure Development of Karnataka R V Deshpande. This investment intention of Rs. 1.49 crore was about 42% of the total of all India’s […]

WiFi facilities for gram Panchayats in Karnataka announced by Government

WiFi facilities for gram panchayats in Karnataka

A project to install WiFi facilities for gram panchayats in Karnataka was announced by the state government. The project will start by covering 2,650 gram panchayats initially and by time will cover whole Karnataka state gram panchayats. Important Technology Initiatives by Karnataka State Government: The state is working hard to adopt new technologies and taking more initiatives […]

Bengaluru Beats San Francisco in confidence to go digital

Bengaluru beats San Francisco

Silicon Valley of India Bengaluru beats San Francisco as confidence of businesses in abilities to perform digital changes based on skills and infrastructure available in their immediate environment. The study was done by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Below are important points: Bengaluru shown the greatest confidence in their digital environment and was ranked number one in […]

Karnataka cabinet approved State Policy for Transgenders 2017 to end social, sexual exploitation

State Policy for Transgenders 2017 was approved by the state cabinet of Karnataka aiming to stop the social and sexual exploitation of transgender community. State Policy for Transgenders 2017 main Takeaways: The transgender policy has been prepared as per in compliance with a Supreme Court order and will help to bring the community into the […]

Karanataka govt bans pillion riders on new two-wheelers with 100 cc Engine Capacity

Karanataka govt bans pillion riders on new two wheeler having capacity less than 100CC. The step has been taken to ensure the safety of pillion riders who often becomes victims of the accidents as per the report of Bangalore Mirror. The circular regarding the rule will be out within a week’s time. Main Points of […]

Standard Chartered Bank Global Business Services (GBS) Bengaluru

Standard Chartered Bank has opened its Global Business Services (GBS) at Bengaluru to improve its services for attracting best minds available locally to redefine banking for the world. The channel will complement bank’s currently GBS centers in functioning in China, India, and Malaysia. Highlights of Global Business Services (GBS): GBS will provide deliver support, client […]

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