Somalia declared Polio Free by UN World Health Organization

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Somalia has been declared Polio Free by UN World Health Organisation on 13th of August,2017. The announcement by WHO came after the organisation observed no case of Polio in Somalia for last three years.

As per the reports of WHO, last polio case in the country was found back in 2017 and since then no child has been affected by this paralysing disease.

Mohamed Fiqiannounced – head of WHO Eastern Mediterranean told that this great result of making Somalia Polio free has been achieved with collective efforts of all concerned authorities such as government of Somalia, international actors and most importantly massive vaccination campaigns. Now continuous work needs to be done to keep the country free from this virus through targeted vaccination campaigns.

The WHO director said that the risks are still there as the virus may come back from countries like Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. Polio cases are still being recorded in these three countries.

Remember these points about Somalia:
Capital of Somalia: Mogadishu
Somalia President: Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
Prime Minister of Somalis is Hassan Ali Khayre
Currency used: Somali shilling

India’s first Railway Disaster Management Institute To be Established near Bengaluru

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Indian Railway

Indian Railway is going to establish country’s first training institute to provide training to handle accidents happening in Railways. It will be India’s first Railway disaster management institute will be hosted in a small village called Hejjala near Bengaluru. The village is 30 Kms from Bengaluru city center on Bengaluru-Mysore Highway. The training institute will be ready by the end of 2018 at an estimated total cost of Rs. 44.42 crore.

Why at Hejjala?

As per the official, the main reason behind choosing this particular village was that Indian railway has its own spacious land in Hejjala. So that is why Railway decided to set up the disaster management training center in Hejjala rather than acquiring or buying land seprately.

Know more details about operations and training at India’s first railways disaster management near Bengaluru:

The Railway Disaster Management Institute will be providing both classroom and practical training. Situations like trains falling in the river, coaches catching fire and derailed coaches will be created like real time and rescue operations will be carried out in real time.

The material to be used for training will be generated from over aged rolling stock of Indian Railways such as old coaches that can’t be used, wagons and locomotives. These will be used to create dummy scenes like train accidents, derailing of train, falling in river etc.

Situations resembling to real scenario like Tunnel, cutting, embankment, other conditions and obstructions like overhead structures and platforms will also be created at the village. A water body will also be created where training regarding underwater rescue and relief will be provided.

Overall it is a nice step taken by Indian Railways to improve its rescue operations in case of any disaster happening under railways.

Important Points to remember about Indian railway:
Indian railways was founded on 16 April 1853.
It has total 17 divisions or Railways Zones.
Indian railways is fourth largest railway network in the world after USA, China and Russia.
First passenger train was run between Bombay to Thane on April 16, 1853.

Current railway Minister: Suresh Prabhu
Headquarter: Delhi

Haryana Banned Mixing Liquid Nitrogen in Drinks and Food items

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banned mixing Liquid nitrogen in drinks

Haryana government yesterday on 29th July ordered a banned mixing liquid nitrogen in drinks or in any food items under the food safety and standards act,2006.

The decision was taken after observing an incident which happened this month with a business man form Delhi. The person was hospitalised after drinking a cocktail mixed with nitrogen. The doctors said that his condition was so critical that his stomach opened like an open book with the effect.

Why Liquid nitrogen is used?

Liquid Nitrogen is having low temperature, it is used in the bars and pubs, mixed with drinks to make it cool and also to generate smoky effect. As it has evaporating properties, it expands.

How it acts inside human body?

Due to its evaporating properties, the gas expands in the stomach and can burst. It can serious internal damages like injuring inner tissues of mouth and body.

Haryana is the north Indian state of the country. It is surrounded by Delhi from three sides and came into existence in 1st November,1966. Earlier it was the part of Punjab.

Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar is current Chief minister of Haryana. Kaptan Singh Solanki is Governor of the state. It is well known as the land of Athletes and sports persons like Vijender singh, Saina Nehwal and Saksi Malik.

Population: 27.76 Million
Capital- Chandigarh (Shared with Punjab)

Swami Vivekananda Airport of Raipur ranked top in customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

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Swami Vivekananda Airport ranked at top in customer satisfaction index

Swami Vivekananda Airport of Raipur ranked at top for the third time in the customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) conducted from January to June 2017. The survey was conducted among 49 airports of the country. The airports were rated on a scale of maximum 5 points and Swami Vivekananda airport got a score of 4.84 out of five.

The survey was conducted by an independent authority controlled by AAI. As the name suggests, customer satisfaction was the main parameter used to rank the airports along with others such as fascilities provided, transportation, cleaning and parking.

A part from Swami Vivekanand Airport, Udaipur airport was placed at second place with 4.75 score, Amritsar at third place(4.74) and Dehradun got fourth place with a score of 4.73.

About Swami Vivekananda Airport

The Airport located between Raipur and naya Raipur at Mana. It has been the main airport of Chattisgarh State and was renamed to Swami Vivekananda Airport on 24 January,2012 to pay tribute to Swami Vivekananda who was in the city at the time when he was a teenage and lived here for almost two years. Earlier the airport was known as Raipur Airport.

It ranks at 28 in terms of most busiest airports of India according to passenger’s traffic and 31 in terms of aircraft movement.

Maharashtra Became first state of India to offer free injective contraceptive to females

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Maharashtra first state of India offering free injective contraceptive to females

Maharashtra is the first state of India to offer free injective contraceptive to females. The programme called as Antara was launched on 10th of July a day before the world population day. In the programme the injection of Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) will be given to females which are a birth control hormone. The effect of the dose lasts for three months and is a safer way to control the birth rate.

The injections are made available for free at various public health centers of Maharashtra like, Mumbai, Raigad, Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Sangli, Beed, Ratnagiri, Pune and Nandurbar. The whole programme will cover hospitals of 23 districts, 20 medical colleges and 12 hospitals made for females.

The injection must be used within a week from the day when menstrual cycle of a woman starts. It may be given to women with age ranging from 18 to 45 years.

However the specialists are also saying that side effects occurred by these injections, may or may not be cured.