Somalia declared Polio Free by UN World Health Organization

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Somalia has been declared Polio Free by UN World Health Organisation on 13th of August,2017. The announcement by WHO came after the organisation observed no case of Polio in Somalia for last three years.

As per the reports of WHO, last polio case in the country was found back in 2017 and since then no child has been affected by this paralysing disease.

Mohamed Fiqiannounced – head of WHO Eastern Mediterranean told that this great result of making Somalia Polio free has been achieved with collective efforts of all concerned authorities such as government of Somalia, international actors and most importantly massive vaccination campaigns. Now continuous work needs to be done to keep the country free from this virus through targeted vaccination campaigns.

The WHO director said that the risks are still there as the virus may come back from countries like Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. Polio cases are still being recorded in these three countries.

Remember these points about Somalia:
Capital of Somalia: Mogadishu
Somalia President: Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
Prime Minister of Somalis is Hassan Ali Khayre
Currency used: Somali shilling

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Elected As Pakistan Prime Minister

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Shahid Khaqan Abbasi- Pakistan new Prime Minister

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi became interim prime minister of Pakistan. He was selected by National Assembly through voting which was done on Tuesday and was confirmed winner by getting 221 votes. There was need of new Prime minister for Pakistan after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif from the post. He was declared ineligible by Supreme Court after the allegations were proved on him in Panama Papers Scandal.

The other contestants were – Pakistan People Party’s Naveed Qamar (got 47 votes), From Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party Sheikh Rashid Ahmed got 33 whereas Sahibzada Tariqullah from Jamaat-e-Islami’s party could only get four votes.

About Abbasi:

He was born on 27th of December, 1958 in Karachi. He is a graduate from Lawrence College in Rawalpindi’s Murree and then moved to USA to pursue electrical engineering at George Washington University. After working in USA for some time, he moved to Saudi Arabia and joined oil and gas industry there. He is a successful businessman and is owner of Pakistan’s most popular private airline Airblue.

He joined politics after his father’s death in 1988. He contest from Rawalpindi district and has been selected as National Assembly member for six times from there.

Glow in the dark – New Species Of Shark Discovered By Scientists

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glow in the dark new species of shark Discovered

Scientists have revealed a new class of shark that glow in the dark. The newly found species has long nose with weight slightly less than one kilogram. Its length is smaller than one feet.

Etmopterus lailae is the name given to it by the scientists. It belongs to lanternshark family and was found at 1000 feet below the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the northwestern Hawaiian islands.

Stephen M. Kajiura the professor at Florida Atlantic University said that there is not much information available about this uncommon variety as dissimilar to other sharks, it lives so deep under the sea.

Below are some other characteristics of this Unique Species:

  1. It lives so deep under the sea where there is almost no visibility that may be a reason why it has big sniffer to find food.
  2. Flank marking is one another unique characteristic it has which moves forward and backward on belly.
  3. Its Flanks at the bottom of its belly have glowing properties.

Scientists Found First Vaccine for Protection Against gonorrhoea

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gonorrhoea vaccine

Scientists for the first time have claimed that a vaccine can protect human beings against gonorrhoea – A sexually transmitted infection. The research was done by the scientists of New Zealand at University of Auckland. The study was done on 15,000 young people and it showed a significant improvements and the infection cause was fallen by 31%.

The vaccine was originally outbreak of meningitis B but after research, scientists found that it can also help in protection from Gonorrhoea.


It is a sexually transmitted infection which is caused by the bacterium named Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Each year about 78 million people are affected by the infection. It can cause infertility in both men and women. The symptoms are – thick discharge from sexual organs which is greenish or yellow in color, high bleeding between periods and feeling pain while urinating. The dark side of the infection is that it shows no symptoms in many cases.

Palwinder kaur shergill appointed as Judge of supreme court in Canada

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Palbinder Kaur Shergil- First Sikh woman Supreme court Judge

Palwinder kaur shergill of Indian origin has been appointed as the Judge of supreme court in Canada, a proud moment for all Indians. She has become the first Turbaned Sikh woman to be appointed to this prestigious post. Her appointment was announced by Attorney general of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould on Friday. She is going to replace Justice EA Arnold-Bailey who had retired from his services on May 31.

Palwinder is a from Rurka Kalan, a village in Jalandhar. She went to Canada with her family when she was just four years old. Later she was married to a family from Jagatpur village near Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahr). She is a law graduate from Saskatchewan university and was practicing as lawyer and mediator at her own law firm named as Shergill & Company, Trial Lawyers.

Throughout her career she has been fighting for rights of Sikh community in Canada and became more famous when she represented interests of Sikh community to allow Sikh students to wear kirpan (ceremonial dagger) in schools.

The appointment of Shergill as Judge is another milestone for Sikh community as well to all Indians.