Indian Army Developed App For Soldiers

admin August 4, 2017 Technology
Humraaz - App For Soldiers by Indian Army

The Indian Army has developed a new app to make it easy for their serving soldiers to track their details online. The web application is named as “Humraaz”.

Using the app, soldiers can check their details like where they are posted, promotions they got. Not only this this web application will enable them to view their monthly salary slips, Form 16 and will also be able to download them. The app is ready and will be launched in the second week of this month.

As far as security features are concerned, in order to avoid unidentified use and to make it sure it is used only by the person serving in the Indian army, the app will require adhaar number verification. The entered aadhaar number will then be verified from Army database over National Information Center cloud and one time password (OTP) on the registered mobile number will be sent. So, only current working mobile number should be used in aadhaar database.

About Indian Army:

The Indian Army is largest land based component of Indian Armed forces. President of India is its Supreme commander. The force is commanded by the Chief of Army Staff (a four star general).

It originated from the East India company and from princely states which was changed to National Army independence.

Indian Army plays a very important role in various areas of the country. Apart form National security, it plays a huge role in maintaining peace, unity, defending India eternally and internally. Army is first to consult whenever any unwanted thing happens in country like natural calamities, other disasters. The rescue operations are always and mostly performed by the Indian Army.

Current Chief of Army Staff – Gen. Bipin Rawat
First was K. M. Cariappa.

Muntra: First Unmanned Tank Of country Rolled out by DRDO

admin July 30, 2017 Technology
Muntra First unmanned tank

India got a new achievement in defence sector by launching country’s first unmanned tank named as Muntra. It was rolled out by defence research and development organisation at Chennai Lab.

Depending upon its operations, this remotely operated tank will be available in three variants- Muntra S, Muntra M and Muntra N.

Muntra S is India’s first tracked unmanned tank which is developed for unmanned surveillance missions. Muntra M will be used to detect mines and Muntra N will be used in the areas where there is risk of nuclear radiations and biological weapons.

This newly developed tanks will be very useful in Naxal hit areas where most of causalities are done by the Naxals to defence persons.


The tank contains an integrated camera with laser which have capacity to detect ground target upto 15KM, surveillance radar. Testing of the tank was successfully done at Mahajan field firing Range under dusty conditions of Rajasthan desert.

Madadgaar Helpline Launched By CRPF to Help Kashmiris

admin June 22, 2017 Technology
CRPF madadgaar helpline

CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) of Kashmir has launched a new toll free helpline number 14411 to help people of Kashmir at Tagore Hall, Srinagar. The 24 hours helpline was named as Madadgaar is first of this kind.

The helpline will provide help to mostly Kashmiri citizens, students and people who are living away from their homes in different parts of the country due to various reasons such as for study or work. The helpline is expected to solve issues like security, natural and man-made calamities, medical emergencies and other issues arising due to living away from home.

DIG Mr. PS Rajora who is posted in Kashmir told that immediate help will be provided using this service. Not only the Kashmiri citizens but, anyone seeking help can dial the number. It also includes tourists and people going to Amarnath.

The number can be dialled for immediate help by girls in case of harassment by the road Romeos or by people for emergency ambulance or by those who are being threatened by the militants.

Indian Army to give combat roles to women

admin June 6, 2017 Technology
indian army defence women

Soon the women will be seen serving at combat positions in Indian army. The announcement was made by Army chief General Bipin Rawat. In his statement, he said that the issue has been put forward in front of the government to take further actions. Currently the combat area is only served by men in India and women are only used as military police in departments like medical, legal, educational, signals and engineering wings

Women are not given at combat roles in world except a few countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, the U.S., Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Israel. If successful, it will be a great and historical step taken by the Indian defence (Army) and the government.

United states approved sale of $75 million clothings to Indian

admin May 17, 2017 Technology

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The United states has approved to sale of $75 million special clothing to Indian Armed forces. These high-tech clothings are chemical protective. It will protect Indian soldiers from chemical and biological warfare.

Called as the Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST), The whole package will consist of:
38,034 suits,38,034 pairs of gloves,38,034 boots,38,034 trousers and NBC bags.

854 aprons, 854 alternative aprons, 9,509 Quick Doff Hoods, 114,102 M61 filters.
38054 general purpose masks are also included in the package.

Significant of these clothings:

These clothings will shield indian soldiers firm any kind of chemical radio-logical and biological and even to nuclear warfare. These clothings can be weared up to 24 hours by the soldiers.

Earlier India had requested USA for these clothings for its military modernization programme. Speaking about the deal, The Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said that this sale is the US contribution to its foreign policy and national security which is to help improving the security of a friendly country.