Anti-Defection Bill Approved by Maldives Parliament

Parliament of Maldives on Tuesday approved Anti-Defection Bill and amendments to the Judicature Act. Bill was proposed by ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) group leader of Parliament and Villimale MP Ahmed Nihan whereas PPM’s deputy leader and Fonadhoo MP Abdul Raheem Abdullah proposed Judicature Act amendment.

Before passing opposition party had opposed the bills and so boycotted the sitting. Total 36 votes were in favour of Anti-Defection Bill and amendments to the Judicature Act got 38 votes.


According to Anti-Defection Bill, If the MPs elected on a particular party’s ticket changes their party, expelled by party or leaves party, they will also have to loose their seat. The Anti-Defection bill will come into effect from July 13, 2017 which means that 12 MPs who had moved to the Opposition last year will have to lose their seats.

Amendments to the Judicature Act on the other hand is related to judges which means that judges can be removed if an appellate court finds them guilty of involved in criminal offence.

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